Pregnant Animal X-Rays Show A Side To Life Most People Never See



It’s always interesting to see X-rays of people, animals or things. It’s a cool way to view things that you can’t normally see. Even at the airport something as simple as a suitcase is cool to see in an X-ray because it’s something that you normally wouldn’t be able to view. When you get the opportunity to view X-rays of animals it always gives insight to what you can’t see normally. When they are pregnant, it gives an even more rare view into what you normally can’t see.

Here you will get to see some pretty cool photos of X-rays of animals while they are pregnant. Some of them show pretty much what you would expect to see while some of them are completely different from what you might think you would see. It’s a different look into some of the things we see every day.

A pregnant dog

If you have ever wondered what the little pooches look like before they are born here you go!

An expecting turtle

Here is a good X-ray of a turtle before she lays her eggs.

A pregnant cat

Those little kittens are all waiting for their big day!

Another pregnant cat

You can see that it looks like it’s a little crowded in there.

An expecting shark

Here are three future sharks that will be out on patrol before too long!

An expecting shark

Wael Hazzazi

A pregnant snake

Really no surprise here as they look like little snakes. At least it looks like they have plenty of room in there!

A pregnant chinchilla

I’ll bet you have never seen this before!

A pregnant bat

Or this! How often do you get the chance to see an X-ray of a bat before she gives birth?

An expecting guinea pig

Here is a picture that no parent ever wants to see!

Another pregnant guinea pig

You buy your kid a couple of guinea pigs as pets and suddenly you see this. It may be time for a bigger cage!

Another pregnant guinea pig


A pregnant seahorse

These little girls look like they have an airbag attached to them!

An expecting tree skink

Here is a very good shot of a pregnant tree skink. These little creatures are fun to watch if you ever see one and now you have seen them in a way I’ll bet you never thought you would!

A pregnant bearded dragon

It’s always a nice surprise when you find out another one is on the way!

An expecting raccoon

Raccoons are never a welcome sight in your backyard but it’s even worse if you have one back there that looks like this.

A pregnant monkey

This view of an expecting monkey looks like an X-ray of a human.

A pregnant monkey

Taronga Zoo

A pregnant deer

If you have ever seen a pregnant deer before and wondered what she looks like inside, here you go!

A pregnant kiwi

I’m sure you have always wondered what a pregnant kiwi looked like in an X-ray. Now you know!

Source: BuzzFeed

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